Bridal & Special Occasion Nails & Make-Up

wedding cropped

On your Wedding Day, everyone will be keen to see your wedding ring. It is important to make sure your nails are beautiful as possible as they will be on show all day, and probably captured by photographs and video. Depending on your requirements I can create a package individually tailored to your needs, for example, a Nail and Makeup package is available.

You may need to consider a course of manicures to bring out the beauty of your natural nails. Or you may decide you would like nail enhancements in Gel. If you have your nail length extended, these can take some getting used to, so consider having them done a couple of months before the big day. The gel can be created to look as long or as short, as natural or as glamorous as you like.

Beautiful SHELLAC over your natural nails is another popular option for Brides or Special Occasions.

Art or colours to compliment your Bridal colour scheme can be added to your nails and many different looks and effects can be created. You may like to have sparkling and delicate crystals added to the nails, or not! The choice is yours. Toes may also be on show so you may require a pedicure to get those feet looking and feeling their best.

Don’t forget the Bridegrooms hands also. He will no doubt, also want to be as well-groomed as is possible for the wedding day. He may have a job or hobby, which means his nails/hands are not looking their best and may welcome some advice on how to improve them ready for the big day!

Having a perfect Bridal Make-Up that brings out your natural beauty, is an important consideration. A professional and experienced Make-Up Artist is a must for your wedding day.

Have a look at my Bridal Makeup Gallery Page for photos of some beautiful brides I have worked with.