Naughty Nail Nibblers

Nibbled Nails After French slider

I know how much you nibblers enjoy a good chew, but usually a time comes when you would really like to have neat, well groomed, beautiful nails.  It might be that you have a special occasion coming up and you’ve got out your best outfit, your favourite shoes and have practiced getting your hair just how you like it – unfortunately your nibbled nails are spoiling the whole effect.  Especially if you are fond of chewing the skin around the edges as well!

Whether they are long or short, tidy and healthy looking nails will complete the effect of being well groomed.

Some nibblers find a course of natural nail manicures to tidy their nails, are all they need to help them resist temptation. A manicure will remove/reduce any rough areas on nails and fingers and improve the condition and look of skin and nails. With the annoying little rough areas gone the impulse to bite is lessened.

Others find they need to have their natural nails enhanced by having a protective coating of gel or acrylic applied so that is more difficult for them to actually bite their nails. The protective coating can be as natural or as glamorous looking as you like, and come in many different shades. Many nibblers will find that they enjoy the way their new nails look so much, that they don’t have too much trouble giving the habit up.

On the right is just one example of very short, nibbled nails transformed into neat tidy, rather glamorous nails.

I love helping nail nibblers to break the habit. You can have the beautiful nails you desire.

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Aftercare for Nail Enhancements

  • Apply oil twice a day.
  • Return every two to three weeks for maintenance.
  • Use gloves to protect your hands and nails.

Treat Nails as jewels not tools!

Before Treeatment
During Treatment
After Treatment

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